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Pa. among ‘most sleep deprived’ states

Patriot-News - 4/19/2024

Many people across the United States struggle with falling asleep, whether it be your run-of-the-mill case of the Sunday scaries or insomnia.

Pennsylvanians, it would appear, suffer from lack of sleep very acutely. — which describes itself as a “platform [that] empowers you to navigate the online gambling landscape safely and securely, ensuring informed choices when choosing the best PA casino sites for your needs” — sent out a study via press release covering the country’s most sleep deprived states.

The researchers behind the study drew data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in order to find out, on a state level (obviously), where residents were getting the recommended amount of seven hours of shut-eye. The District of Columbia was also included on the list.

While Minnesotans were found to be the most restful — with only 30.56 percent of its population getting less than that seven hours — Pennsylvania ranked among the top 10 in the 10th overall spot.

The press release states that 39.51 percent of Keystone State residents sleep less than seven hours a day, with those in Philadelphia County experiencing this the most.

Indeed, a Gallup poll has confirmed’s findings: More than half of Americans (57 percent), writes Gallup, claim they need more sleep. In fact, the country seems to be sleeping less on the whole while getting more stressed.

“Americans are sleeping less and are less satisfied with the amount they sleep,” states Gallup. “Reports of frequently feeling stress are also on the rise.

“Gallup polling and other research show a strong connection between, sleep, stress, and overall health. Thus, the impact of both these trends on Americans’ health could be substantial.”

The top three most sleep deprived states were Tennessee in third with 41.90 percent of residents purportedly sleeping less than seven hours; Kentucky in second (42.90 percent); and West Virginia in first (43.34 percent).

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