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Should we be worried about a bird flu outbreak in Georgia? Here's what the experts say

Macon Telegraph - 4/16/2024

Apr. 16—Earlier this month, one person from Texas contracted the bird flu. CDC officials said this was the first human case since 2022.

So, are Georgians at risk of getting the bird flu?

According to the CDC, "Human infections with H5N1 bird flu are rare, but they do happen, most often after unprotected exposure to infected birds."

With the one case in Texas, the CDC says they do not predict an outbreak and the overall health risk of the bird flu is low.

When was the bird flu last in Georgia?

In the past, the avian flu was detected in wild birds in the U.S. in 2022, including Georgia. However, by mid-winter of 2023, all cases in Georgia were gone.

Which birds are affected by the illness?

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources (Wildlife Resources Division) reported that the bird flu affects waterfowl (ducks and geese) and scavenging species such as vultures and bald eagles.

Although it is rare, the Georgia Department of Public Health says domestic birds, such as chickens or livestock can get infected as well.

Should we be worried about the consumption of poultry products?

Short answer: no.

The Georgia Department of Public Health reported that the avian flu is just a concern for the agriculture farmers and industries that work directly with the animals.

According to the Department of Public Health, "Properly handled and cooked meat, pasteurized milk, and eggs are safe to consume."

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