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Cook licked finger, poked food. Cockroaches. Blood. Wichita KS restaurant inspections

Wichita Eagle - 3/29/2024

Mar. 29—Eleven restaurants, hotels and other businesses in and around Wichita were out of compliance during food safety and lodging inspections conducted by the Kansas Department of Agriculture last week.

Their problems include a cook who licked their finger then touched chicken on a grill, cockroaches, bugs and mold in a soda gun nozzle, a large red stain on a mattress, hair on bed sheets, and bloody paper towels on produce, according to inspection reports.

Information about the food establishments and a summary of their violations appear below. The list includes inspections conducted in Sedgwick County from March 17-23. It was compiled March 27.

More than 60 establishments passed inspections during that same time. Some may have been non-compliant in previous weeks.

Business owners or managers can contact Eagle reporter Amy Renee Leiker at 316-268-6644 or to comment on inspection results that appear in this story.

More details about the inspection results are in The Eagle's searchable database of non-compliant restaurant and hotel inspections at

Out-of-compliance inspections

All American Dave's, 1551 N. Rock Road in Wichita — Eleven violations on March 20 during an inspection that was a follow-up to an administrative order. Container of sweet potatoes had the wrong preparation date on it, food and sticker residue on dozens of pans and trays in clean storage, 8-inch hole in wall under chemical washer is a potential entry point for pests, business wasn't keeping required logs for refrigerating and freezing foods, chicken wasn't cold enough in cooler because the container was overfilled, no chlorine test strips on site to measure sanitizer strength, "approximately 125 old rodent droppings" under pizza oven, a cook licked their finger then poked chicken on a grill to check for doneness, bucket of sanitizer was stored above container of packaged peanut butter protein balls, cooked ground beef and chicken had to be thrown out because it didn't cool down quickly enough in refrigeration, chipped and cracked spatulas. Next inspection: May 20.

Amore Italian Restaurant, 2315 W. 21st St., Suite 101 in Wichita — Thirteen violations on March 19 during a verification inspection. Employee didn't wash hands between handling dirty and clean dishes, water didn't get hot enough at sinks because restaurant had turned the water heater down to save money, employee didn't sanitize dishes, "roughly 5-7 flies came out and flew around" after soda gun was lifted at the bar, hand sanitizer was stored on shelf above soda syrup bags, dented cans of black olives, lobster ravioli and beef ravioli weren't labeled with package opening dates, several refrigerated foods including manicotti and chicken weren't cold enough, black plastic spoon was "rough and ridged on the top" instead of smooth, about 40% of food storage containers in clean storage had stickers or sticker residue on them, meats and pasta sauce were out of temperature in the steam tables, "soda gun nozzle is filled with mold and build up," raw eggs stored above ready-to-eat dressings in cooler. Next inspection: March 29.

Auto Motel, 1230 N. Broadway in Wichita — Six violations on March 22 during a modified complaint inspection. Dresser drawer missing in one room, heavily stained and soiled carpets in one room, bathroom sink was clogged and drained slowly because something was stuffed inside it, cockroach in bathtub, dust and dirt on floors and in corners of floor and window seals in one room, dirt and debris in two rooms. Next inspection: April 1.

Blalock's Seafood Restaurant, 803 N. West St. in Wichita — Five violations on March 18 during a verification inspection. Raw eggs were stored above ready-to-eat peppers and veggie mix in cooler, pitcher lids and spoons in clean storage were dirty and most of their plastic food storage containers and lids had sticker residue on them, restaurant was using tubs and trash bags that aren't food-grade to bread fish, cracked and broken spatulas and knife, cut up dressing container was being used to scoop breading, raw salmon and raw tilapia weren't cold enough in refrigeration, coleslaw and cooked vegetables weren't kept at safe temperatures. The next inspection date wasn't listed.

Courtyard by Marriott Wichita East, 2975 N. Webb in Wichita — Twelve violations on March 18 during a routine inspection. Plumbing issue at mop sink, "large red colored" stain on pull-out couch mattress, hotel wasn't testing carbon monoxide detector every six months, debris under bed in one room, ice machines weren't plugged into ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets, debris in desk and beside table drawers, single-use coffee cup lids weren't packaged, GFCI outlet in one room made noise and sparked, no paper towels at hand-washing sink in laundry room, hair and debris on bed sheets in several rooms, no sanitizer wipes or towels in fitness room, hotel allows pets but didn't have a sign saying it was pet friendly. Next inspection: March 28.

Indian Hills Meat & Poultry, 1200 N. Mosley in Wichita — Nine violations on March 21 during a joint inspection. Trash and debris including pallets and metal around building exterior can attract pests, facility was storing food products directly against walls and on the ground, dusty black or gray substance on ceiling by condensers, condensers were dripping onto food, gap under loading dock door could let pests in building, no soap or paper towels at hand-washing sinks, missing and damaged seals and ice crystals on freezer doors, rust on freezer door frame and ice and trash in corner, raw meats were stored with vegetables that are usually eaten fresh, electrical extension cord and trash and bloody paper towels were stored in direct contact with produce. Next inspection: March 31.

La Chinita Mexican Restaurant, 1051 N. Broadway in Wichita — Three violations on March 18 during a follow-up inspection. No water at hand-washing sink between kitchen line and preparation area, "accumulation of black dust and debris on ceiling tiles," sink drain was disconnected because it was clogged. Next inspection: March 28.

Mars Mart 4, 2224 S. Oliver in Wichita — Six violations on March 18 during a routine inspection. Raw chicken wings stored above raw fish in refrigerator, bottle of multi-purpose cleaner wasn't labeled with contents, roach on refrigerator, facility was using residential insecticide to treat its bug problem, no test strips to measure strength of bleach sanitizer, employee washed hands in the wrong sink. Next inspection: March 28.

SPK Grocery Cheney, 412 N. Main in Cheney — Five violations on March 22 during a follow-up inspection. No probe food thermometer in building, water didn't get hot enough at hand-washing sink, old lunch meat, no paper towels at hand-washing sink in meat room, no sanitizer on site. Next inspection: May 22.

Tacos La Pesada (mobile vendor/food truck), 102 E. 29th St. North in Wichita — One violation on March 22 during a routine inspection. No hot water at hand-washing sink that had been shut off due to a leak. The business was in compliance during its March 27 follow-up inspection.

Tru by Hilton Wichita Northeast, 1236 N. Greenwich in Wichita — Six violations on March 18 during a routine inspection. No fire extinguisher in second-floor mechanical room, no paper towels at laundry room hand-washing sink, no carbon monoxide detectors in laundry room that has gas heaters, no record that CO detector had been tested, bottles of chemicals and cleaners weren't labeled with contents, first-floor ice machine wasn't plugged into a GFCI outlet. Next inspection: March 28.

How establishments fail

Most violations are minor and are corrected during an inspection.

Businesses fall out of compliance when they have too many violations, issues that can cause foodborne illnesses or when a problem can't be fixed right away, such as bug and rodent infestations. Typically, establishments are re-inspected within 10 days.

It's rare for a facility to shut down over a failed inspection. But it can happen due to things like sewage backups, pest problems, and water or power outages. Usually, closures are temporary.

You can search food and lodging inspection results in any Kansas county at

How to complain

If you see problems at a food or lodging establishment, you can file a complaint.

To notify the state about unsavory or questionable conditions anywhere that serves or sells food to the public, email or call 785-564-6767. You can also file a report at

To report an illness you think was caused by a restaurant, food or event, contact the Kansas Department of Health and Environment at 877-427-7317 or

Complaints about conditions at hotels and motels can be submitted at

For more information about foodborne illnesses, visit

These businesses passed inspections last week

— 21st Street Market, 2011 E. 21st St. in Wichita

Adams Elementary School, 1002 N. Oliver in Wichita

— Afghan Halal Market, 1044 S. Oliver in Wichita

Allen Elementary School, 1881 S. Elpyco in Wichita

— Baby Dolls, 4900 N. Arkansas in Wichita

Bann Thai Restaurant, 3811 W. 13th St. in Wichita

The Beacon Restaurant, 909 E. Douglas in Wichita

Boba Zone, 2240 N. Rock Road, Suite 106 in Wichita

Braum's Ice Cream & Dairy Store, 2201 N. Rock Road in Derby

— Bronx Pizza & Pints, 2140 W. 21st St. in Wichita

Cheney Elementary School, 126 W. Fifth St. in Cheney

Cheney High School, 800 N. Marshall in Cheney

— Chick-fil-A at Wesley Medical Center, 550 N. Hillside in Wichita

Chipotle Mexican Grill, 2608 N. Greenwich Court in Wichita

— Chuyito Birreria, 511 N. West St. in Wichita

Cleaveland Traditional Magnet Elementary School, 3345 W. 33rd St. South in Wichita

Colvin Elementary School, 2820 S. Roosevelt in Wichita

Copper Oven Cafe & Bakery, 2409 W. 13th St. in Wichita

Da Chicken Shak & More, 1112 W. 31st St. South in Wichita

D Best Beauty Supply & Food Market, 958 S. Oliver in Wichita

— Dillons, 3020 E. Douglas in Wichita

Dollar Tree, 2120 N. Woodlawn, Suite 414 in Wichita

Donut Palace, 1235 N. Broadway in Wichita

— The Easy Egg, 3130 N. Rock Road, Suite 100 in Wichita

— El Fogon, 1555 S. Bluffview in Wichita

Enterprise Elementary School, 3605 S. Gold in Wichita

Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers, 11525 E. 13th St. in Wichita

Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers, 8621 W. 21st St. in Wichita

— Gambino's Pizza Original, 339 S. First St. in Colwich

Harry Grocery & Smoke Shop, 324 W. Harry in Wichita

Harry's Uptown Bar & Grill, 3023 E. Douglas in Wichita

— IHOP, 3204 N. Maize Road in Wichita

— Jamba / Auntie Anne's, 10209 W. 29th St. North in Wichita

Japan Express Restaurant, 2250 N. Rock Road in Wichita

— Jump Start, 104 W. Chicago in Colwich

— La Tienda Del Ahorro, 1770 N. Broadway in Wichita

L'Ouverture Career Exploration & Technology Magnet Elementary School, 1539 N. Ohio in Wichita

— MacDonald Golf Course Clubhouse, 840 N. Yale in Wichita

Mayberry Cultural & Fine Arts Magnet Middle School, 207 S. Sheridan in Wichita

— Momo Stop (mobile vendor/food truck), 4516 N. Ironwood Circle in Wichita

N & J Global Market, 5612 E. Lincoln in Wichita

— Nacho's Mama, 828 W. 11th St. in Wichita

— Nu-Way, 7301 W. Central in Wichita

OK Elementary School, 1607 N. West St. in Wichita

Olive Garden Italian Restaurant, 2641 N. Maize Road in Wichita

Panda Express, 11787 E. Kellogg Drive in Wichita

— Pig In Pig Out BBQ, 1003 E. 13th St. in Wichita

The Rose & Peacock Social Club, 901 N. Porter in Wichita

— The Sandbox at Derby, 2412 N. Rock Road in Derby

— Shaken or Stirred Bartending, 6717 E. Sedona in Derby

— Shawarma Ur's Food Truck (mobile vendor/food truck), 1258 N. Baltimore in Derby

— Simply Sangria Wine Co, 243 N. Cleveland in Wichita

— Smoke Shop, 4703 E. 13th St. in Wichita

— Sonic Drive-In, 2939 E. 21st St. in Wichita

— Tacos Lopez, 795 N. West St. in Wichita

— Tacos Perez, 2347 N. Arkansas in Wichita

Tiger Rice Japanese Kitchen, 1735 W. 21st St., Suite 100 in Wichita

USD 385Meadowlark Elementary School, 1122 N. 159th St. East in Wichita

— Wendy's, 2504 S. Seneca in Wichita

Wichita Sports Forum, 2668 N. Greenwich Court in Wichita

Wyldewood Cellars Tasting Room, 2441 N. Maize Road, Suite 203 in Wichita

Note: Sometimes addresses listed — especially for mobile vendors and food trucks — are not where food is actually served to the public. Contact those establishments directly for specific service locations.


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