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Chlamydia Incidence Rate

Chlamydia incidence rate in cases per 100,000 population. Chlamydia is a common STD that can infect both men and women. It can cause serious, permanent damage to a woman's reproductive system, making it difficult or impossible for her to get pregnant later on. Chlamydia can also cause a potentially fatal ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy that occurs outside the womb). Most people who have chlamydia don €™t know it since the disease often has no symptoms. Chlamydia is the most commonly reported STD in the United States.

Measurement Period: 2016
Value: 462.28





HP 2020

  • 52
  • 422
  • 791.8

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Historical Data

  • Measurement Period Value
    2016 462.284
    2013 395.684
    2012 280.856
    2011 289.533
    2010 295.99

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